Slave to an obsession?

David Ward‘s ability to sail close to the wind – so far as his membership of the so called Liberal party – is there for all to see, particularly in his tweets. For the latest example, as Sarah at Harry’s Place now reports, here is the man’s reaction on seeing the film Twelve Years a Slave:


Most people seeing the film might tie their comments to the slavery the film is built around. Not so Mr Ward.

As Sarah at Harry’s Place says:

This is a grotesque and flippant response which, as he was reminded on Twitter, glosses over the fact that slavery is still a pressing problem in the world today.

Others greeted his latest provocation with derision.

“Just saw <recent popular film>. Reminded me of <insert random pet cause here>.”

…tweeted a Syrian refugee from Homs…

Ouch! It seems to me that Mr Ward has an unhealthy obsession with defaming and demonizing Israel at every opportunity. I have this mental image of the poor soul catching the flu and blaming that on Israel as well.

How can his party continue to tolerate such behavior? Does it do the Liberals any good?