Session report bonus

Here is Yehuda‘s follow up to the earlier session report:

Puerto Rico: both Ben and Amir played well from the start, with only a few moves that I suggested or tried to explain what would happen. I made the mistake – again- of trying to play without a trade good (tobacco or coffee), trying to survive only on Factory and Harbor.

Meanwhile, Amir had a tobacco monopoly and Ben had a coffee monopoly. Both of them had no trouble trading them for much cash and blocking boats at certain points. Amir handed Ben one trade too many, and they both ended up with 2 big buildings to my one. Shipping stalled near the end of the game, which favored the builders. Ben had 52 points, Amir 48, and me 36.

Given Yehuda’s expertise in the game, Ben’s win is noteworthy, as is Amir’s finishing ahead of Yehuda!

Dominion: I bought two early Shanty Towns which did me absolutely no good. Ben’s Moneylenders worked much quicker for him, and he was three Provinces up before I started making any headway. Amir gained 1 Province and I started taking multiple Duchies and finally some Provinces, but couldn’t catch up to Ben (almost). Ben won with 48, I had 43, and Amir had 24 or so.

Thank you, Yehuda.