Safe? [Updated]

As reported by the Guardian:

Palestinian ambassador to Prague killed in safe explosion

Jamal al-Jamal died after opening safe that had been closed for 30 years and triggering blast, Palestinian foreign minister says

Can you think of a reason as to why a Palestinian diplomat – Jamal al-Jamal – might have had explosives?

Was he a collector?

Or was he – or one or more of his predecessors – a quartermaster for a terrorist group?

Hmmm. Difficult one.

But regardless of the quartermaster’s death, there are several parts of the story (as presently told) that puzzle me.

First, why would you not open a safe for thirty years? If a safe held anything other than papers, wouldn’t you want to check on the contents every so often?

Second, why was it the ambassador who opened it? If they didn’t know there were explosives there, perhaps it’s just about credible. (And how would they not know what was in their safe?) But if they knew, wouldn’t it make more sense for someone who knows about these things to get the job?

Third, what type of explosives behave in the manner reported? For example, if the explosives were unstable, why didn’t they explode inside the safe before it was opened? Or are there explosives that, in an unstable condition, explode on contact with fresh air? Or was there a ready made bomb there, with a contact detonator that was badly handled?

Fourth, why didn’t they just blame the Jews Zionists? After all, that’s what they normally do.

Finally, I wonder who the real target for those explosives was.


Update: according to a Reuters report, via NBC:

Reuters, quoting a Czech government source, said the explosion was probably caused by a security device on the safe.

Some safes are fitted with mechanisms to destroy secret documents in the event they are tampered with.

What secret documents?