Quote of the week

“When I’m told about the security answer in Judea and Samaria, and when they talk about satellites, drones and technologies, I say, ‘guys, you’re wrong.’ The principal problem is education. If in Nablus and Jenin they continue to educate the young generation as it is being educated today, to idolize terrorism and jihad, and that the Jewish people have no right to this land, if this is how they’re educated, than technology stops nothing,” he said. “If the education does not change, we’ll have the same pressure from the inside. And then there will be a Hamastan in Judea and Samaria, like in Gaza. It’ll hurt us, it’ll hurt Jordan and it’ll hurt other interests in the area.”

So said Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, speaking on Monday at an economic conference, referring to proposals by US Secretary of State John Kerry to replace Israel’s security presence on the ground in the West Bank with technological solutions such as an array of advanced remote surveillance devices. In other words, the scheme suggested we replace soldiers with sensors. (As reported by the Jerusalem Post.)

When Ya’alon says “education”, he means indoctrination: the teaching of hate and bigotry, and the general incitement that dominates Palestinian media. I’ve mentioned it before. (For example, herehere and here.) Unfortunately, it’s a long neglected issue. So much so that, if the peace talks do fail, even though few are likely to say so, the failure to grasp the nettle of incitement will be one of the root causes. If Israel suffers from the failure of the talks, ironically it will be a victory for Israel haters we can put down to the West’s failure to recognize, prioritize, and deal with that incitement.