Hey princess, what’s in the bag?

Checkpoints. Either Israel needs them for its security, or Israel needs them to inflict hardship on the Palestinians. Somehow, nobody – and I mean nobody – who rants and raves about the unfairness of the security fence and checkpoints, seems able to concede there might be a genuine security issue. These people seem incapable – or unwilling – to accept the possibility of a terrorist threat. It appears they would prefer Israel and its people were left unprotected. Now why might that be?

Meantime, back on the front line, one of these pesky checkpoints resulted in the discovery of a weapon in a kid’s backpack. From the IDF blog:

Late Tuesday evening, a battalion from the IDF’s Kfir Brigade discovered an improvised firearm and ammunition inside of a Palestinian vehicle during a routine inspection in the Jordan Valley. The weapon was found inside of a child’s bookbag at a checkpoint not far from the driver’s home. “The driver aroused suspicion after a preliminary search,” said Captain Sefi Mor, an IDF company commander involved in the inspection. “He seemed anxious, so we decided to perform a comprehensive search of the vehicle.”


Just another day trying to keep the people of Israel safe. Just another day proving that those who want to remove the security fence and the checkpoints are either dangerously deluded, or thirsty for blood.