Bringing the flag down

This is a follow up to one of last week’s Five for Friday links about the Israeli chess team being forced to compete in the World Youth Championships in Abu Dhabi under a cover name, and with the flag being withdrawn from public display. ┬áIt now turns out this was done at the instigation of the Israelis:

Announcement of the Israel Chess Federation

Yesterday the 2013 World Youth concluded in Al Ain, in the U.A.E. with the participation of 1773 players from 171 federations. The Israeli delegation which took part in the event consisted of 5 players and several accompanying persons.

During the event there were several publications and petitions from several institutes and individuals about the fact that the flags of Israel were removed from the relevant tables in the tournament and from the official web as well and replaced by flags of FIDE. We would like to state very clearly that this move was done as a result of our security people’s request and with full cooperation with the local organizers. While we believe that participation of Israeli players in events held in Arabic countries, and vice versa of course, with Israeli flags is very positive and contributing to a good atmosphere, we all realize that such events need security solutions and strict cooperation about.

We cordially appreciate all those who were standing on our rights in what looked like a breach of it but we stress again – this was not a decision or initiative of the U.A.E. authorities but ours and we would like to thank the organizers and FIDE events commission for their cooperation and for the excellent treatment our delegation was met.

Gens Una Sumus

Israel Gelfer
FIDE Vice President

Moshe Slav
Chairman-Israel Chess Federation

I don’t like it, but I understand it.

[Here’s the announcement on the FIDE site.]