White stuff

Friday was the coldest day I have experienced in Israel. Although Ra’anana was not suffering anything like the troubles of Jerusalem, there were strong winds, incessant rain, thunder, lightning, and hailstones. Yes, hailstones.


At one point on Friday morning, the hailstones were coming down in such volume, that there was a layer of white on the streets. Not exactly snow, but as close as we are going to get. (Unless climate change has any more surprises in store.)

Now, in this situation, drivers should take extra care. And did that happen on the streets of Ra’anana? Of course not. Despite the fact there was ice on the road, as my car reminded me, people were driving like lunatics. In other words, as usual. Very strange. Thankfully, we made it back home safe and sound.

The weather forecast is much better for next week. I wonder if that’s it for the rain this year?

Be safe and be well one and all.

Shavuah Tov.