To a dark place

Read this and tell me if it reminds you of anything:

…There are not, or rather-should not be-any “surprises” associated with the rise of Jewish power, the creation of the “Jewish state” and the present World War Z that mankind faces these days. Indeed, everything that has taken place, particularly over the course of the last century viz-a-viz the wars, the bloodshed and the nearly complete meltdown of established world order was/is as predictable as the proverbial slaughter at the henhouse after the jackals were put in charge of security.

The sad truth is that everything mankind needs to know about the deadly, radioactive nature of this political, social and cultural “element” on the periodic table of human ideas has been sitting there, screaming out to civilized man for literally thousands of years. Jewish power and violence, Jewish power and genocide, Jewish power and economic despoliation, Jewish power and corruption, none of this began in 1948 with the creation of Israel. It did not begin in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, as some like to imagine.

It did not even begin with the writing of a literary abomination known as the Babylonian Talmud.

It–the criminal, barbaric nature of Jewish power–has been there from the beginning, congenital from its birth, the moment a penniless nomad begins hearing voices in his head promising him kingdoms, riches and power beyond his wildest dreams, accompanied by the moral justification for doing whatever needs to be done in attaining these items, including lying, genocide, and theft…

What do you think? Cool, calm, rational, and tolerant? An expression of anti-Zionism? Or something poisonous, hateful, bigoted, and historically resonant?

It comes from Iran’s PressTV (by Mark Glenn).

Why would they give space to this type of material?

The answer is probably to be found in the frequent utterings of their former President to wipe Israel out. The newcomer to that position has, arguably, been more subtle but similarly inclined. Is there another reason? If you know, tell me. What I see is dark matter in a dark place.

Sadly, it seems there is no sanction for such behavior. (Remember, this is the official media outlet, not some solitary nutty extremist operating out of his living room.) It’s just ignored, as if it didn’t exist. So if Obama wanted to make a real change…

[First spotted at Judeopundit.]