They see no wrong?

In the public discourse that features Israel, media bias is a prominent part, including the efforts made to delegitimize and demonize Israel, come what may. (The LBI movement – “Let’s bash Israel!”)

That media bias, deligitimization, and demonization is sometimes subtle. Rarely so, but it happens.

Generally, it’s not so subtle, but is explained away with a wash of left wing or liberal (typically) weasel words.

And then there’s stuff like the Arafat Dead Discussion. The slightest, most tenuous link between Israel and Arafat’s death is given uncritical prominence and, linking to unfounded conspiracy theories, promoted without hesitation. Who cares about the damage done?

So, the recent fiasco of a crap report about polonium poisoning – a report that was poor science packaged with public relations possibilities amounting to sod all – was a perfect opportunity for the practitioners of LBI. Did they seize the moment? You bet they did.

Time moves on. There is the publication of a fact based, hard science report, refuting the poisoning and the polonium nonsense. An opportunity to put things right. Did they seize the moment? You bet they didn’t.

In the type of follow up which should see heads roll, BBC Watch offers this comparison:

Arafat poisoned

Source: BBC Watch

Source: BBC Watch

Arafat not poisoned

Source: BBC Watch

Source: BBC Watch

But get this. As BBC Watch reports about the two latter reports:

The two reports – one written (which has undergone numerous changes since its initial publication) and one filmed – both include repetition of Palestinian conspiracy theories which accuse Israel of being responsible for Arafat’s death.

Even when Israel is not to blame, Israel is to blame.

I can sort of understand this garbage from so called Pro Palestinian sites or commentators, but isn’t the BBC supposed to be several leagues above that? And independent? Can they really see no wrong in this? Perhaps they have too much management focus on other issues at the moment, but this is downright awful and inexcusable. They shouldn’t get away with it. They will, but they shouldn’t.

Who will get the BBC to face up to their crimes?