Man the wharf


Amir and I started this week’s session by setting up a two player game – Flux. As we were about to start, Yehuda and Laurie arrived, so we switched to San Juan. As we were about to start that, Rochelle arrived, so we switched to Puerto Rico, and we played it!

Neither Rochelle nor Amir had played Puerto Rico before, so Yehuda did his usual excellent explanation of the rules. Matters were helped by printouts I had of the various buildings; that saved quite a bit of time during the game.

This is one of the games I like, but cannot play well to save myself. Nothing changed. I did manage to stop Yehuda from his usual quarry monopoly, but found I could do nothing with them. And he clobbered my indigo production by always seeming to be able to ship or trade ahead of me. Yes, he knows the game well.

Three indigo, three quarries, and not much else

My three indigo, three quarries, and not much else!

Laurie doesn’t really like it, but plays it better than me. She managed quite a good spread of options, but in my flawed opinion, too often chose the craftsman option when it was to other players’ benefit more than her. Rochelle’s first time performance was not bad at all. And she enjoyed it, despite the layered complexity.

As said above, Yehuda is a master at this game. So, not only was he the favorite, but his stack of points and buildings looked to have given him the win. He had grabbed a factory, a wharf, and one of the big VP bonus buildings, so looked totally in control.

However, Amir has a habit of winning games that he is introduced to. And he had also nabbed a factory, a wharf, and a big VP bonus building. Indeed, when it came to the final VP count, Amir had secured the win, just ahead of Yehuda, ahead of Laurie, Rochelle, then me. Well done, Amir.

Thanks to everyone who came for providing another fine night of gaming. Here’s to more of the same in 2014!