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A cracker, first seen as a link at LGF:

5 Organizations That Let Idiots Run Their Social Media

Despite the fact that we are nearly done with the year 2013, there are still some companies that A) think that social media is a thing very few people pay attention to and B) are content to hire teenage interns and/or burgeoning sociopaths to maintain their online presence.

#5. Biology Online Asks a Blogger if She’s an “Urban Whore”

Danielle Lee, a biologist who blogs under the handle the Urban Scientist for Scientific American, received an email last month from Biology Online, a science website offering her the irresistible opportunity to write things for them for free. When Lee politely declined, citing that she (like most people) really needs to get paid in exchange for her work, Biology Online oh-so-professionally responded by calling her a whore.

Not an exaggeration. That is literally what they said.

! Read the whole thing here. You may be astounded by the stupidity on offer.