It takes ages


Different strokes for different folks, so the saying goes. And when it comes to racing games, there could not be a clearer example of a difference in gaming tastes. With my Glasgow gaming group, race games were popular. Sure, Formul De took a while, but Turf Master was a real favorite and Devil Take the Hindmost was a well liked filler. Of course the legendary Lamont Brothers’ various race games got an occasional outing as well!

Gamers in Israel, it appears, are different. They don’t like race games.

In this week’s session I tried, for the first time here, Devil take the Hindmost. It received a rather flat welcome from Ben, David and Yehuda.

We played 3 laps of an 8 lap race, and that was enough to see that it wasn’t going down well. My domination of the race probably skewed my perspective of it, though…

Anyway, Laurie arrived and we settled in for a session of Age of Industry, a well liked and well played Martin Wallace game.


Yehuda was struggling with his health, feeling somewhat off color. I don’t think he should have chosen the yellow pieces. But, although everyone had played this before, he did a sterling job of explaining the rules to refresh everyone’s memory. And so, off we went.


Laurie set about building up her network of train routes. Ben struck out on his own for the southern parts of the board. David patiently built up his pieces, and delivered some nice consignments. Yehuda was being even more patient, and taking his time to work towards building bigger VP tiles. I had to change my strategy because of what was going on around me – five handed this game an be a bit tight – but was reasonably happy.


When we got close to the end, Yehuda was in the position to end the game on his own, or extend it by one turn. I think he extended the game mistakenly, as it turned out not to be to his advantage.

When the game did end – with Ben making sure it happened – the scores were Yehuda 20, Laurie 21, Ben 24, David 24, Ellis 24. A three way tie! Unfortunately for everyone else, there is a tie break of turn order and that gave me the win.

It had been close. It probably goes to show how well crafted the game is. We are sure to play it again, as it’s definitely one of these that even when I know I am out of contention, I enjoy playing. And so far as everyone else is concerned, it’s not a race game!