Interesting figure

The Lancet medical journal works with Medical Aid For Palestinians and others as part of the Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance (LPHA). Richard Millett reports on his encounter (at the launch of their 2013 report) with some of the British medical establishment figures involved, including one Sir Iain Chalmers.

During the Q&A I criticised Chalmers for his statement about “Zionist control” before asking whether LPHA reports mentioned the role of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA in prolonging poor health conditions for the Palestinians. My remarks only led to this eye-opening exchange with Chalmers:

Chalmers: “Let me ask you a question. I was asked to write a commentary for The Lancet after the Cast Lead attack. I ended it by saying a self-defined Jewish state now controls the lives of almost as many non-Jews as it does of Jews. What will that Jewish state do with the six million, it is an interesting figure, the six million non-Jews whose lives it controls? You answer that question.”

Me: “Why is six million an interesting figure?”

Chalmers: “Well, actually it is the same number of Jews that were killed by the Nazis.”

Me: “Whats your point?”

Chalmers: Six million is a lot of people. How will the Jewish state deal with the non-Jews whose lives it controls?

I find that exchange chilling because it’s a rare look at the heart of antisemitism in the bosom of the British establishment. (Incidentally, the six million figure is rubbish, but (a) it seems to be in vogue with Israel haters at the moment, and (b) it suits Chalmers’ perspective. Perspective, by the way, in this case means bigotry.) The Lancet is edited by Dr Richard Horton, a fellow traveler of Chalmers. See what I mean about establishment? No wonder British Jewry likes to keep its head down.

Read Richard’s report, here. Brave lad, Richard. Brave lad.