Whatever you think about Nicolas Anelka’s goal celebration gesture, you are unlikely to be impressed by the Guardian‘s whitewash of Anelka’s comedian friend, Mr Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, as disclosed by Adam Levick at CiFWatch.

The Guardian/Observer offers this:

Dieudonné is a controversial figure in France, having been accused of insulting the memory of Holocaust victims. The quenelle is Dieudonné’s signature gesture, although he insists it is an anti-establishment gesture and not against Jewish people

Controversial? Can you imagine them, for example, restraining themselves in such a manner when referring to Jean Marie Le Pen, the notorious past leader of the French Front National (National Front)? Controversial? That’s akin to calling Jack the Ripper troubled

However, credit where credit’s due: the Independent, Mail, and Sunday Times do not dodge the issue and all mention the comedian’s antisemitism.

Why doesn’t the Guardian?

As Adam writes:

The Guardian stands alone in whitewashing the “comedian’s” clear record of anti-Jewish rhetoric – another antisemitic sin of omission at the “liberal” broadsheet which has, by now, achieved a well-earned reputation for such curious moral blind spots on the topic of racism.

There is something rotten at the heart of the Guardian.