Alex – Pierre Lemaitre

After the disappointment of the Republic of Thieves, this was a welcome surprise – a very, pleasant surprise. It is a modern French crime novel, featuring another of those defective detectives that inhabit this literary genre: Commandant Camille VerhÅ“ven. The detective, a man on the short side of average, is sent to investigate a kidnapping of a girl off the streets of Paris. No name, no evidence, no ideas. But when he does make progress, it’s the start of twist upon twist.

I won’t give any plot spoilers, but I will say that this story starts off in one direction and then takes a sudden change. And there’s more. It’s an exquisitely unwrapped plot, with fine writing, good characters, great pacing, and a thoroughly satisfying read.

The only disappointment? This is the only one of the author’s books available in English. However, more are coming.

In short, read it.

Score: 8/10.