To your stations


This week’s gaming session started with Dominion (Amir, David, Susan and I) and Battle Line (Laurie & Rochelle). I don’t know who won the Battle Line, but Susan – again – reigned supreme in Dominion.

Then all six of us played 7 Wonders. Amir was the only one who had not played it before. Did he pick it up quickly? Well, in a sort of tradition, he became another first time player that won. Impressive. Rochelle had probably been in the best position to break the tradition, but was one card away at the end. Laurie and Susan did OK. I was well in last place. What about David?

Ben arrived too late to join in the next game, so David showed off his multi-tasking skills by playing 7 Wonders and Battle Line (with Ben) at the same time. He also came quite close in 7 Wonders, so maybe he regrets playing two at the same time.

Susan and Amir dropped out then, one to take up knitting, the other to get to bed in preparation for an early start the next day…

The remaining 5 of us played Ticket to Ride (Europe). Rochelle easily scored the most tickets, but not enough points. I regret to report that I won this.

Thanks to all for coming. A great night. I just need to figure out a way to beat Susan at Dominion!