No twitter for you!

From AP via Times of Israel:

Iran’s culture minister is urging authorities to unblock social media networks that are widely used by government figures but remain officially banned, the state news agency said Tuesday.

I sure as hell have been asleep at the wheel for a while, it seems. I must have missed all the protests and campaigning for human rights – like free speech – for Iranians. Bugger.

The appeal reflects another point of tension between the moderate-leaning government of President Hassan Rouhani and Iran’s hard-liners. Rouhani does not have the authority to make decisions such as freeing up social media, which is seen as an internal security matter and under the sway of groups such as the powerful Revolutionary Guard.

Where does “moderate-leaning” come from? Is that fact, or opinion? (Obviously, we expect AP to label Bibi Netanyahu as “right-wing”, because that’s what the media are supposed to do to bolshy Israelis who have the temerity to stand up for their country.) I mean “moderate-pretending” or “two-faced” might be more accurate in many people’s minds…

The report by IRNA quotes Culture Minister Ali Jannati as saying all social networks, particularly Facebook, should be accessible.

Surely we can do Iranian productivity a favor by banning them from Facebook as a part of the current sanctions? Is that too cruel?

Some government officials, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, post extensively on Facebook and Twitter. Many ordinary Iranians use proxy servers and other methods to bypass the ban.

“Do as I say,” not “do as I do.” Again. Hypocritical. Again.