Night of the flailing empires


This week’s regular session saw Yehuda welcome Ben, David, Laurie, and me.

We started with the Reiner Knizia filler game For Sale. David won this, with most of the rest of us grouped together several points behind.

We then moved on to the much meatier, and challenging, Age of Empires. David was the only newcomer, but quickly got to grips with it. This is a worker placement game, the theme being the discovery of the New World.

I was doing OK until the last turn, but knew I would not be winning. My income was the lowest. My buildings were not powerful. My supply of goods was low. My colonies were under threat from Yehuda. Not good.

David was also doing quite well, but I suspect he knew he would not be winning, too. However, credit to him for mastering the game and putting up a good show. He will probably want to play this one again, soon, to try out his theories of how to win.

Ben looked to have a monster set of combinations going for him, but you could have knocked me over with a copy of the rulebook when we sorted out the scores and he was, er, last. He did say he could not understand why he loves a game that he so consistently underperforms in. My theory is that Ben likes the mechanics, but hasn’t cracked the most efficient combinations.

Laurie was quietly stacking up potential points, and it was no surprise to most of us that she did well, finishing second. Laurie probably needed to compete for more territory and income, though, to threaten the winner.

And it was no surprise that Yehuda crushed us with by a  big margin. He did add insult to my injury with a triple war action against my peace loving colonists, when I was no threat to him. But it did him plenty of good! Well done that man.

And so another fun filled session ended.

Thanks to Yehuda for hosting.