Mayhem Monday – November 2013


The second Mayhem Monday got under way with two games: Amir and Peleg tackled Commands and Colors. Ben, David, Roy and I tackled Cold War.

Peleg had played Commands and Colors before, and he helped me set the game up while I did a rules briefing for Amir. That game went well. Amir was soon comfortable enough with the rules to make his own way, and he gave Peleg a tough, tough time of it, just sneaking the win by a single point.


I had chosen Cold War because I had fond memories of it as being tense, but fun. Well, my memory is clearly playing tricks, because this game was not a success. What made it worse was that my rules recollection was flawed, and we played several turns before Ben wisely spotted something that was crucial to the game, and which I had been doing incorrectly. Oh dear. Fortunately, for me, everyone was very good about it. Ben even said he had quite liked the game, though I think it was a minority opinion!

Ben went off home, as he had an early start. Peleg also retired. David waited while I got Roy up to speed on Commands and Colors, and then they played it to a conclusion. David and I had a couple of games of Battleline, both of which he thrashed me at.


So, the winner was Commands and Colors. The feedback was clearly that people wanted a real wargame and none of the pseudo wargame/euro mix that is Cold War… Hint taken, guys.

Thanks to everyone who came and took part. It’s possible that December’s Mayhem Monday will be a multi-player Commands and Colors. Ironically, I had thought about doing that but wasn’t sure if people were interested in that. It turns out they are, and I am delighted.

From here on, we will be true wargamers!