Kick a man when he’s down?


This week’s session started off with a tutorial in how to play San Juan, led by Yehuda. (Yes, he won.) Amir, David, and Ben, watched, learned, played, and got crushed. My excuse? I was helping first timer Amir, and getting the tea ready for latecomer Laurie…

That brings me to the main game of the night: the excellent Antike. There were three highlights of the game.

First, early on, Ben wiped out two of Yehuda’s cities and reduced him to a quivering wreck. Yehuda told Ben about how wrong this was, and he should not be so aggressive. Ben believed him. Ben left Yehuda alone. Yehuda recovered. Yehuda won… From zero to winner. Wow.

Here comes Yellow!

Here comes Yellow!

Here’s this week’s lesson, Ben: when the man is down, kick him. And then kick him again! There’s no room for compassion in time of war!

(And, Yehuda, you owe me for not telling Ben to stick it to you!)

The second highlight was newcomer Amir stabbing me in the back, and claiming one of my good cities, just as I was powering up for the win. Ah well, who wants a non-aggression pact, anyway?

The third highlight was being a part of this game. It went really smoothly, all things considered, and was highly entertaining. David and Laurie played their parts, too. Indeed, although Yehuda won, it was a close game. By my reckoning, if Yehuda had miscalculated, someone else would have won in the same turn as he did.

I don’t have the killer instinct that I cheekily criticized Ben for not having, and shied away from some great backstabbing and winning opportunities. That’s because the game was fun enough as it was. But next time…

Thanks to all who came and made it a good night. I hope you had fun, too.