Before my suicide mission, must update Facebook…

Bizarre – on so many levels – but there it is, as seen on the IDF blog:

A terrorist’s Facebook profile reveals the truth behind his attack against Israeli soldiers last Thursday. His suicidal Facebook messages suggest that he acted like many terrorists before him – attempting to end his own life and murder IDF soldiers in the process.

Anas Alatrash, a Palestinian terrorist from Judea and Samaria, attempted to stab IDF soldiers last Thursday (Nov. 7) as they guarded a checkpoint near Bethlehem. Thanks to the soldiers’ swift response, they eliminated a direct threat to their lives – preventing what could have become a major tragedy.

When Alatrash charged IDF police forces with a knife, the soldiers called out for him to stop – but he continued to run toward their position. The soldiers were then forced to fire on Alatrash, who died of his wounds after receiving medical treatment from Magen David Adom.

A simple review of the attack shows that Alatrash acted like many Palestinian terrorists before him. His true intentions were revealed by his Facebook timeline, where he posted suicidal messages mentioning a “return” to God shortly before the attack. His actions bring to mind hundreds of Palestinian extremists, who took their own lives in order to kill Israelis and reap their rewards in the afterlife.

Two days before the attack, Alatrash posted this picture as his cover image on Facebook. The photo shows a well-known passage from the Quran, which in English means: “We belong to God, and to him we shall return.”


This type of notice is traditionally posted after someone’s death. The fact that Alatrash posted it two days before he died strongly suggests that he was preparing to take his own life.

In this second message, posted just hours before the attack, Alatrash wrote: “God, take me to you. Your servants have been making it hard on me.”

The perpetrator’s messages suggest that he attacked IDF soldiers with the same intentions as many terrorists in the past – to end his own life and murder Israelis in the process.