Ancient battle


This week, I introduced Peleg to the joys of Commands and Colors, a light wargame about ancient tactical combat. It’s designed by Richard Borg, and published by the excellent GMT company.

The game is played in scenarios representing historical battles with units (made of different sizes and numbers) of wooden blocks, sporting decent pictures of the troops. Each player has a number of cards to start and, typically, plays one per turn to activate some of his units, and move and fight with them.

"A kingdom for a card!"

“A kingdom for a card!”

So, it’s partly about movement on the hex gridded board, and partly about card management. Peleg is well able to handle both these concepts, but it took him a little longer to grasp the tactical realities of the two battles we played. For example, sometimes he advanced when a cautious retreat was clearly called for, and sometimes the other way round. However, his fresh approach did give me one or two anxious moments, despite my much better experience of the game, and the first scenario was close. The second, unfortunately, was a blowout for me. ┬áMore fortunately, he really enjoyed it, despite the losses, so we should see this one out on the table again.

"It's wet, here!"

“It’s wet, here!”