A little inside story

We have a friend who has a well developed social conscience. She volunteers frequently for the IDF through the Sar-El organization. Essentially, the work she and others like her do, frees up soldiers. It’s hard, but worthwhile, and we guess she enjoys it from the way her face beams as she recounts her many experiences there.

This friend, let’s call her Ann, is in the middle of a Sar-El session right now. Last week she spent time packing emergency aid for the Philippines. The IDF is part of the Israeli contribution to international aid. Well done Ann, the IDF, and Israel.

All of which makes this snapshot from the BBC, a little galling:


Can you see Israel on this list? No, neither can I. BBC Watch has the full story, here.

You know, it’s funny.

Whenever anything bad happens (or appears to happen) in Israel, you can almost guarantee it will feature with organizations like the BBC. Stuff that would not get a sniff of the media if it happened in Bangor, Brighton, or Blairgowrie, becomes a Big Deal.

Whenever Israel does anything good…

Hypocrisy also comes in a three letter form, starting with “B”.