Smile, please; you’re in the picture.

Calling all Israeli residents: read the following (from the Herald) and weep:

One camera responsible for quarter of bus lane fines in Glasgow

A SINGLE traffic camera in Glasgow has been responsible for almost one-quarter of all penalty notices issued to motorists in the city since a crackdown on driving in bus lanes was launched last year.

The Glassford Street camera has been producing 340 tickets a day on average to motorists who stray into its bus lane and has so far brought in £1.2million.

The device, which is one of 11 located in and around the city centre, has been responsible for one in four £60 fines handed out to errant motorists.

Some of the points worth making:

  1. This is what happens when you have traffic cameras that work. (I have not seen a single working traffic camera in Israel. According to legend, there is one. Yes, one.)
  2. That single camera, at an average of 340 tickets – at  £60 – a day, produces revenue of £20,400 a day.  Assuming a 5 day working week, that’s £102,000 a week, and £408,000 in a 4 week month. A staggering £4,896,000 for a full year. How much good could responsible leadership achieve with that money?
  3. This is what happens when a crackdown is announced and followed through. Memo to Israeli politicians: the follow through matters!
  4. Perhaps bus lanes and traffic cameras are long overdue in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem?