Plight of the Mosquito

Another shot at Nightfighter with my (now) regular ftf opponent. We played scenario 8, Steinbock, depicting a bombing raid by 5 He177a Greif planes, hunted by one Mosquito NF.XIII.

I was the umpire, and my “opponent” was the player, needing to shoot down two bombers to win.

This scenario uses the GCI radar rules meaning the player has a good idea where one bomber may be. But it is not an exact fix, unless he gets lucky. He can hope the Mosquito will find the target, but its radar has a narrow band. What was worse – for the player – was the poor visibility (randomly determined), so he was really up against it, with little room for error.

Unfortunately, for him, he lost track of the first bomber he was hunting down, and by the time he had recovered, a fair number of the bombers were well on their way. He did manage to shoot down one bomber, but could not manage the second.

It was fun, straightforward to play, and quite involving. I’m not sure I would enjoy the frustrations of being the player, though!

This game is one I expect to keep coming back to.