Mayhem Monday

I decided I wanted to try and get some regular ftf wargaming on the go. So, once a month, I am hosting such a session. This week was the inaugural Mayhem Monday. How was it? Superb!

The real meaning of fourex

The real meaning of fourex

Peleg and Roy joined me and we went for a three player game of Space Empires. We chose the 2 v1 option, with Roy joining me in an uneasy alliance against Peleg.


Although we did not finish, we had a blast; sometimes literally. After building up our economies by settling colonies, we built up our respective fleets by developing technology and sending them out to hunt down the enemy.

Peleg and Roy had a couple of biggish encounters after some initial skirmishing, with Peleg probably just ahead.

I eventually got into battle, but was seriously outgunned by Peleg’s forces. My attempt to sneak a raid deep into enemy territory was badly stalled.

Roy and I were paying 50% more for our technology and our ship builds, so although we were two against one, Peleg was able to build more, better, faster!


What’s the game like? It requires record keeping, but nobody found the burden too much. What can sometimes be a bit tricky is working out what extra technology your ships have. But it does get easier.

The fog of war – units are kept face down until combat – is easy. (Only once did I make a mistake and wrongly move a space base…)

The excitement level is good, even before you clash with the enemy. Why? Well, for one reason, exploration is of the unknown – you flip chits as you explore space. The results can be good. The results can be bad. You can take a risky approach, or await better technology to improve your exploration.

I am impressed with the design. It is not for everyone, but even the basic game is full of neat twists. I think the advanced rules will be well worth the extra playing time, and that’s the only area that it falls short.

Oh it is way shorter than most games of that type, but still a touch too long for a 3-4 hour evening session.

The production values are great. GMT and Jim Krohn are to be congratulated.

I was so wired after the guys had gone home, I did not sleep well. But I cannot wait for next month! The challenge, however, is going to be finding games we can finish in an evening.

Thanks to Peleg and Roy for making my night.