From card play to power play


This week’s group session was a cosy two game encounter that absolutely flew past.

First up was Dominion (Intrigue). Susan has steadily been building up a reputation in this deck-building game, and she showed Yehuda, Laurie and me why that was so with an effective demolition of us all. Well done, Susan!

Next up was Power Grid. We had all played it before, apart from Susan, and she was unhappy in the early rounds at her performance. (Not as unhappy as I was at my performance, but that’s another story.)

Yehuda played his usual efficient game, and Laurie tried to keep close. I was well out of it with some bad, bad choices. But, surprisingly, Susan slowly worked her way back into the game and ended up being Yehuda’s only serious competition. Laurie’s early challenge faded. Yehuda did win, but Susan was damn close. A great performance for a first timer.

A good time was had by one and all. (Though iOS7 appears to have eaten my snaps!)