Trouble at Joseph’s Tomb

There was trouble at Joseph’s Tomb (Shechem) today.

Palestinians hurl stones as Jewish worshippers, escorted by security forces, enter Joseph’s Tomb; one fires at soldiers, who fire back, sustains moderate to serious injuries

You can get the rest of the report from Ynet¬†here. To put this in context, this is Palestinian terrorism, pure and simple. Maybe the youth are bored, or maybe they are incited to attack. But it’s terrorism. Anybody who disagrees is welcome to come and stand in the line of fire against stone throwers and see how long they last before bolting for cover. It is terrifying. These are terror attacks. And that’s ignoring the small matter of a shooter.

So, in a continuing example of doing everything it can to not support Israel, enter Haaretz. My Right Word has this interesting comparison of the coverage:


Haaretz. If you are a supporter of Israel, only read it to know your enemy.