Rosh Hashanah in Tel Aviv

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As a belated anniversary outing, Susan and I decided to have the ‘three day Yomtov’ of this year’s Rosh Hashanah (Thursday, Friday, and Shabbat) in a Tel Aviv hotel. Part of the motivation was reducing workload – especially Susan’s – but part was also to give us a chance to see Lori settled into her new apartment, and to visit the shul she goes to.

The shul is called North Central Tel Aviv, and is located at 126 Ben Yehuda Street, near the corner of Ben-Gurion Boulevard. The building is old and badly needs refurbished – my guess it is pre-WW2, but that is just a guess. The old style wooden seats and lecterns add a certain charm, and the air conditioning is fully functioning. (If you easily feel the cold, take a cardigan or jumper if you plan on going.) They have a bang up to date set of new siddurim and chumashim.

The shul is a living example of regeneration in action.  The older generation are getting on in years, and are now outnumbered by the young professional crowd who live and work in the city. And it’s a warm community that is doing its best to create the right atmosphere, welcoming Jews of all strands to join in and enjoy. Funnily enough, although it wasn’t what I expected, the davening was a terrific experience. I understand in previous years they brought in a chazan, but this year they did it themselves. And the congregation members who performed did so very well indeed. They have a good collection of talented voices, and there was a great feeling of ruach throughout.

In a nutshell, the shul added to the joy of the chag. We had a nice break.