Rock and toll

From Arutz Sheva:

A video shot by police Wednesday shows how Arab Muslims defile their own mosque on the Temple Mount by turning it into a battleground.

The video shows police apparently preparing to break into a mosque but preferring to stand safely behind the door and let the Muslims who are holed up inside throw the rocks they have accumulated.

The police are well protected behind shields but the rocks are obviously thrown with great force.

Let’s mention a couple of topics the video might spark a discussion about:

Peaceful protest?

Take a look at the video. Take a look at the force these rocks are thrown with. What kind of damage do you think they might do? Would you stand there and allow yourself to get hit? But remember, this is what many anti-Israel commentators call “peaceful protest”. But I doubt any of them have ever been on the receiving end of such a peaceful protest!

Personally, I think the police facing that barrage are being incredibly brave. In their position, I would be seeking clarification of the shooting policy.

Holy site?

Take a look at the video. Is that how you would treat a holy site? These people are behaving like animals. But if that really is a holy site, there is something very wrong. Something very wrong with them.

But nobody cares. Or so it seems.