Real gaming report

[This guest post is by Steven G. Thanks for sharing, Steven.]

Saturday afternoon, Ra’ananna, Israel.

3 players: Peleg a 16 year old player who takes no prisoners, Ellis and me. And do you know what else. Silence and concentration. Can you imagine that. Silence while games are being played! And not a phone in sight!!! I will repeat silence and concentration. Who ever heard of that?

Game 1. Dominion. Ellis won. I lost

Game 2. Dominion. Ellis lost and a dead heat between the 16 year old mature beyond his years and me.

More games to follow.

And what’s more, today [Sunday] in Jerusalem, we saw a shop selling nataK which is a Hebrew version of Catan…

To our Glasgow gaming readership: count me in next week.

So long from the sunshine.