Politically correct human rights?

Following Sunday’s shooting of a soldier in Hebron, the Elder of Ziyon has a bulls-eye of a post:

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Judaism’s second holiest site, is divided into two sections. The much larger section is generally accessible to Muslims, while a smaller part is accessible to Jews.

The Jewish section includes the cenotaphs of Abraham, Sarah, Jacob and Leah, while the Muslim side has those of Isaac and Rebecca.

On ten days a year, Jews have exclusive access to the entire building. On ten other days of the year, Muslims have full access, and Jews are barred. The Muslims, on their exclusive days, have routinely desecrated Jewish religious objects and books.

Today [Sunday] was one of the rare days that Jews could visit the room dedicated to Isaac and Rebecca. Thousands of Jews came to visit the holy site.

My son, Junior Elder, was one of them.

Close to home. Too close to home, for as Elder points out:

The murderer was upset that Jews have access to their own holy site. His gunshot was meant to deny Jews that right. No doubt, he would not have cared if he shot a child, a woman, or my son.

A frightening situation, indeed.


This is an issue of human rights. Freedom of religion is accepted by the UN, the EU and indeed the entire Western world. But the same people who pretend to energetically defend human rights, like Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, are mute about the daily incitement to deny Jews those very rights. In fact, they effectively support the Muslim desecration and usurpation of Jewish holy sites by saying that the land underneath every single site is “illegally occupied” and should be, effectively, Judenrein.

HRW and Amnesty want to deny my son, and thousands of other Jews, the right to worship at and respectfully visit their holy sites.

They effectively support the same goal as the murderer of Gavriel Kovi.

In the end, they don’t care about huma rights. They care about politically correct human rights.

Their silence in the face of daily incitement against Jewish religious rights speaks volumes.

Read the whole thing, here. Then, check this out:

Palestinian Authority refrains from condemning soldier killings

The logical response to this is to issue fire on sight orders to soldiers – whether faced with men, women, or children; whether attacked by bullets, bombs, or stones. It’s not going to happen. But…

What evil resides in the Palestinian leadership? It’s name is Jew hatred.