Glasgow myths

Buzzfeed has as one of its current lists:

25 Signs You Grew Up In Glasgow

Glasgow is the UK’s friendliest city, yet the most violent. It has the most unemployed families in the UK, but has the most shops anywhere outside of London. Only in Glasgow, eh?

Hmmm. You can check the list out here. It’s a set of stereotypes – often pretty insulting ones – as you can judge by some of the comments. It may have been a cack handed misguided attempt at humor, but it failed, miserably. Glasgow has so much more going for it, and its people are so much better than portrayed here. But bet some of the mud sticks.

For the record, I own up to drinking too much Irn Bru. Oh, and I’m still fiercely proud to be a Glaswegian. So I seem to be missing 23 of these signs.

[Thanks to Lori for the tip.]