Fancy Hansa


This week’s session was a pleasantly intense and combative, but friendly, duel over the Hansa Teutonica board. The other players were Ben, Laurie, and David – David being the only poor blighter who had not played it before. That, undoubtedly, put him at a disadvantage, but not too much as it turned out.

The opening rounds were the usual skirmish to grab the extra action bonuses, with Laurie racing ahead there. I shied away from that, probably to my detriment.

Ben built up a good set of victory points from having control of cities in the key areas, and David seemed to have a good spread as well. Ultimately, however, Laurie’s postion was strongest and I forced the game end before she could improve her lead. The funny thing was that when we finalized the scores, confirming Laurie’s win, the finish was a tight one with a spread of only nine from first to last.

The repeat players knew the game and played it because they enjoyed it. Thankfully David seemed to enjoy it too. Unsurprisingly, he struggled a bit with the strategy in the first couple of turns, but caught on quickly. I won’t be surprised if the scores are even closer next time around.

Thanks to Laurie for hosting, and for everyone for a fun session of gaming.