Definition of a “moderate”

First, a well timed reminder from the Elder of Ziyon about the reality – and obscenity – of some of the “Rouhani’s a moderate man we can do business with” camp:

Judging from the news over the past few days, it appears that for a Muslim leader to sort-of grudgingly admit that the most well-documented historical fact even occurred is considered praiseworthy.

That is a pretty good example of how the media assumes a priori that Muslims must not be held to the same standards as normal human beings.

Here I diverge from the Elder. It’s not that Muslims must not be held to the same standards; it’s that some Muslims must not be held to the same standards. I don’t think it’s universal.

Perhaps it might be fairer to say “the Muslim world” is not held to the same standards. In a sense the Elder is heading that way as the rest of the post continues:

Right now, we have Israel being held to impossibly high standards far beyond what any Western nation at war has ever been held to while Arab and Muslim nations are held to absurdly low standards.

One day, when the West starts to judge everyone by the same standards, we can start to have real progress towards peace.

But the real beauty is his accompanying poster which – rightly – ridicules what is going on:

Meantime, CiF Watch has a good post about how the Guardian is hiding the bits about Rouhani that clash with the image of the “moderate man we can do business with” so favored by their editorial policy.

If you were to rely solely on the Guardian to understand what the new president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, said during an NBC interview last week you’d never know that he described Israel as “an occupier and usurper…that has brought instability to the region, with its warmongering policies.”

Read it all, here.