BBC out of its depth, again

From BBC Watch:

BBC misleads again on Gaza’s coastal waters and airspace

From which we get this nugget:

“In other words, the Palestinian Authority – considered by the international community to represent the Palestinian people – agreed to Israeli control of Gaza’s coastal waters and airspace in 1995. No changes were made to those terms in subsequent agreements between Israel and the PA signed after Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005. “

Not something you will get from the BBC. Why?

The BBC has a brand and a reputation. Given my experience of how it deals with Israel and the Middle East, I suspect that the brand is undeservedly strong, and the reputation is a crock of shit. The crock may be a valuable antique, but the modern content…

Reports like this one, from knowledgeable people – but dealing in basic facts – shame the BBC. If I were a TV License Payer, I’d be well pissed off. (I think I may have mixed my metaphors beyond breaking point!)

Read the whole thing, here, and prepare to be upset at the failings of the once mighty broadcaster.