Battle Line


After the first night meal of Sukkot, Peleg and I were persuaded by Susan (she had to try so hard!) to give her peace in the kitchen by playing a game. In the time available, Battle Line (by Reiner Knizia and published by GMT) was a perfect fit.

This is one of my top two player games. It’s a good combination of luck, skill, and judgement, playable inside half an hour, and open to different strategies.

Essentially, you are competing to win the majority of 9 flags – or three in a row – using combinations of cards. You start with 7 cards, and must play and replace one card per turn. There is a separate deck of special power cards, but you can only ever play one more than your opponent, so they tend not to dominate the game.

Peleg was on fire in our game, and although I was winning by 4 flags to 3, he managed to get exactly what he needed to claim the winning 3 in a row. Well done, Peleg. But come the next game…