Back to Syria

Does this strike a chord with you:

If you have a bumper sticker that says “No Blood For Oil,” it had better be on your bike.

If so, you will get a lot out of the whole article – by Sebastian Junger – available, here.

As Norman Geras points out in his blog (where I first saw it):

…this bit hits the nail on the head in identifying the way the term ‘antiwar’ has been appropriated by people who are not much exercised either about war in general or about a lot of specific wars:

“I cannot think of any moral definition of “antiwar” that includes simply ignoring the slaughter of civilians overseas.”

Much of the so-called antiwar movement seems only to protest against wars waged by the US, Britain and Israel; wars waged by dictatorial regimes, whether externally, or internally against sections of their own population, don’t spur it to the same oppositional passion or mobilization.

Or, to put it another way, the so-called antiwar movement is not against war, but only some wars.