And now, the end is near

[Another guest post by Steven G, reporting on our end of chag gaming session at Yehuda’s. Thank you, Steven. Hello to our Glasgow readers!]

Thursday afternoon, Raanannna, Israel. Raananna? Don’t worry; every street sign spells it differently too. Ellis and I walk 45 mins in scorching heat for a games afternoon. The line up was David the sommelier, Ben the concierge, Yehuda the host, Tal his daughter, Nadine from Jerusalem, Rosalynn the late comer, and Nava and Ann Other.

It took me the first two hours to cool down and by then I was totally lost in the Robotics game. Ellis and I got stuck in the corner and were killed off 75 times. Funnily enough, the host who was running the game managed to be victorious. Aye Robot! [I don’t think we will be playing that again.]

Then we played a 4 player Ticket to Ride – US version in Israel – and Els trains came storming home. At the other table a version of Amun Re with floods and farmers.

Then we switched to sutcaC, the Israeli version of No Thanks and again Ellis came good.

8 pm show over and we returned to the outside world where temperatures had dropped to a mere 28.

The whole afternoon was weird – no talking, no phones, no comments, no phones, no cheating and no phones!

Roll on next Tuesday. LOL!

PS: Ellis sends his best.

Your overseas correspondent