This week’s group session had me so involved in 7 Wonders at one table, that I did not see what Ben, Peleg, Rosalynn, and Yehuda were up to at the other table. I think it was some kind of Carcassonne variant, and I know that Yehuda won. But beyond that I am in the dark…so far. [Now updated. See below.]

At the other table, Judith, Laurie, Michael, Rochelle, Susan, and I played the classic 7 Wonders. Michael and Judith were newcomers, so the first part of the evening involved the usual rules explanation followed by puzzled frowns of fear. (But enough about me!)

We raced through the first round, but things slowed up very much so after that.

Michael had a military strategy, but neglected other point scoring opportunities. Judith had quite a good spread of cards, and managed to be in contention. Rochelle virtually cornered the market in the Science cards, and accumulated a terrific points score from them. Unfortunately, she couldn’t quite get all the way to the winning line, and by my reckoning was about one card short of the win. Shame.

Susan and Laurie shared the win. Susan’s points came from a cheap set of Military victory points – she stabbed me in the back, folks! – and a solid set of Blues. Laurie did less well in both these areas, but had nice Guild cards that delivered big time for her.

Well done to Laurie and Susan. And thanks to Laurie for hosting.

Update from Yehuda:

We played Carcassonne: The City. Ben had played an earlier version of Carcassonne, Rosalynn vaguely recalled either playing or watching the game once, and Peleg had never played any Carcassonne.

Rosalynn and Peleg undervalued the fields; Ben took the first one, but I merged into it and I took a second one that was just as valued. There was very little merging into other people’s areas. There was a market that Ben had, and I tried to merge into it, and Ben positioned himself to merge a second person in. In the end, however, Ben had to play tile that split the area into two, one of which we shared and a smaller one that was just mine. Ben was very short of pieces most of the game, which hampered him.

Peleg may have undervalued the fields, but he scored hugely on the walls with some watchers earning 19 points. I took the game in the end, about 10 points ahead of Ben and Peleg.

Peleg left and the three of us played Dominion. I took an early Chapel and stripped my deck to nothing but two golds, a chapel, Feast, Festival, and Moat. I pulled in Provinces one after the other and thought I had an easy win. Then I stalled with hands full of Provinces. I should have bought a few more Festivals and Feasts, I think. Meanwhile, Ben got rid of coppers using Bureaucrat, and he had the only Witch (which he only used twice), but otherwise I don’t know what he used. He won the game with one less Province but with a Duchy and five Estates.