The War of the Pacific


Newly arrived is Strategy & Tactics #282 with the game of the War of the Pacific – the unknown (to me) war of 1879-1883 between Chile and the allies of Bolivia and Peru. I have only scanned the covering article and the game rules, so far.

I did notice a cracking typo on the main countersheet – “Chilians” – which alone is worrying. (I know; I’m a detailed kind of guy and this stuff bothers me.) I often wonder if there is any quality control system in place is some of these game companies.

If you have this issue, take a look at the advert for Pentagoet Histories on page 5:

“Pentagoet Histories use electronic media to produce comprehensive, detailed but comprihinsible descriptions of key battles and campaigns.


All information is inter-linked allowing for unprecedented flexibility to the reader, as well as the ability to drill down into deepter and deeper levels of detail.”

Oh dear.