The state of hypocrisy?

The Elder of Ziyon has this piece – US State Dept. upset at Israel releasing murderer of an American – which completely exposes the hypocrisy of the USA’s current foreign policy so far as it relates to peace in the Middle East. To quote the wise words of the Elder:

The position of the State Department is that murderers of Americans must never be released, but murderers of Israelis must be released.

The US must never negotiate with terrorists, but Israel must.

The US must track down and attempt to arrest any terrorists who murdered Americans who do get released from prison, but Israel must promise not to do that.

Why? For peace, of course. Do read the whole thing, but try not to get too angry.

[I’d like to know if anyone is asking pointed questions about this material in any of the White House press briefings. And if not, why not?]