Six wonders

[Crossposted from the Ra’anana Boardgames Group blog.]

We had six people for this week’s session, and decided to break with the usual tradition of forcing Laurie to get out an extra table; instead we all played the one game to start with, namely 7 Wonders.

Phyllis was new to the game, but everyone else had played it at least once. Her hand of green (science) cards was impressive. Unfortunately, that was it. I went down the military and resources route, but due to missing one key resource, spent too many turns doing nothing constructive. Rosalynn built up a decent set of blue victory points to earn her a respectable score. Laurie started off looking to score green (science) but changed tack and probably suffered for that. David, looking to repeat his debut win, put together a very cool range of victory points. He just lost out, probably by a single card, to Yehuda. Well done Yehuda.

After that, we played one of my favorites: Acquire. Unfortunately, with six players the game has a higher luck element, but it is still fun to play. Phyllis certainly seemed to enjoy making takeovers happen. Laurie enjoyed holding on to her cards. David just enjoyed it. Yehuda suffered a wee bit from the random element. I knew I was doing well, but ultimately my brilliant strategy (ahem) came to nothing, as Rosalynn won by a big margin thanks to her long term Imperial holdings. Well done Rosalynn.

Thanks to all for playing, and Laurie for hosting.