Princes and paupers


This week’s gaming group session was a bumper one, with David, Laurie, Ofer, Peleg, Rosalynn, Susan and Yehuda joining in the fun.

We started with one game of Acquire (me, Laurie, Peleg, and Rosalynn) and one game of Princes of Florence (David, Ofer, Susan, and Yehuda).

Rosalynn had won the last outing in Acquire. This time she claimed that because she now understood what the game was about, she didn’t stand a chance of winning. Unfortunately for her, she was right! Laurie and Peleg did stand a chance of winning, but were a tad unlucky in their tile draws, and I managed to keep ahead. But it was a close, well fought, fun game.


I only know that – as expected – Yehuda’s experience with Princes of Florence was too much for the other, first timer players. I hope Yehuda will contribute some comments.

After that, there was a game of Neuroshima Hex, a couple of games of Dominion (one win shared between Susan and Yehuda, one solo win by Yehuda) and a friendly game of Battleline.

There was one final game which was a solo one by Laurie: forget the cookies in the freezer. She played a blinder and won that, easily!

I had a great time. Long may the fun continue.

[Update: Laurie reminds me that there were two other games played: Formula Motor Racing, and 7 Wonders. And I even played in the first one of these. Old age is a terrible thing… On the other hand, what a game filled night.]

[Update 2 from Yehuda: I taught David, Ofer, and Susan how to play Princes of Florence. I gave some general strategic advice, such some general paths, why to hold off on works, and ballpark values for auction items.

Nevertheless, I handily won the game by a large margin. David bid 1,000 on the first three turns for two builders and a jester. He wanted the third builder but was outbid for it. He never got it, even when on the last few rounds he could have had it for 200. He ran out of works early, but he did manage to play a work value of 34 on the last round. Ofer played 6 works, but he suffered from too little and then far too much money. Susan played cautiously, bought many landscapes and played a few bonus cards with landscapes. I was tied for the most number of works, playing five out of six of them in the last three turns. I also had two prestige cards, one fulfilled and one half-fulfilled. I only built one building, one freedom, and one landscape.]