More real than the real thing

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Guardian has a nice piece about Israel, Zionism, and Subbuteo:

The sixth goal hurts the most. I’m miles from home, surrounded by strangers, sweating through a too-small football shirt. And I’m getting hammered. My opponent is openly using me as target practice. I haven’t had a sniff of the ball for about 10 minutes. My tactics are a mess. My players don’t know whether to fling themselves into the middle of nowhere or just to give up and fall over. Another goal goes in. To be honest, I might have underestimated Subbuteo a little bit.

There is, regrettably, the inevitable English bias:

“…And one day you, too, could be wearing the England shirt at the top of the podium with the whole world smiling at you.”

It’s still well worth reading. See it, here.