Buffalo Wings


Peleg and I have been trying to get into J. D. Webster’s WW2 air combat series, Fighting Wings. (This was the progression we made from Air Force.) The game rules are complex, though in fairness there is a clear programmed instruction learning path if you have the time and the inclination. We do not have the patience; we wanted to get our planes in the air and get fighting!

Fortunately, Fighting Wings has a cut down version of the rules, which reduces much of the complexity. Well, we tried that and I was the one that wanted to give up. There was something impenetrable about the rules for me. However, Peleg insisted we continue, and in the end he was right. We managed a complete session and had fun.

However, I was still not happy with the rules. There are chunks that I have no idea what they mean. (I have no idea, also, why they have to be so flipping opaque, but that’s another story.)  Fortunately, there is Buffalo Wings. This is an even more cut down version of Fighting Wings, and is a set of rules I understand. (Well almost. I think some of the deflection calculations in the combat rules are way too difficult.) To test my understanding, I created my own single page summary of all the rules except the combat. Made sense.

We played a one on one combat of Spitfire V v Messerschmitt Bf 109 4F taking the planes from the Achtung Spitfire game in the FW series..  I was the baddie.

Either both of us are good pilots, or both of us are awful pilots, because after 30+ turns of action, there was still no action. I was the only one who had even a shot chance, but at less than a 2% chance of success, I preserved my ammunition. As we had struggled with the more complex rules, we restricted ourselves, still, to one aircraft each. That was probably a mistake. But, we have the session positions recorded and will continue.  What I should stress is that we had fun. Peleg loved throwing his aircraft around the skies, taunting me by keeping out of contact, and I enjoyed trying to wipe the smirk off his face, but failed!

I am looking forward to our next session. Buffalo Wings seems the right level of complexity. But I have not given up the possibility of progressing to the next level of rules and trying to get to grips with them.

Tally ho!