Where is the shame?

From a Jerusalem Post report (about an attack in Mea Shearim by “Haredim” on a Haredi soldier) I note the following:

In a Knesset committee hearing last week, Brigadier-General Gadi Agmon from the IDF Manpower Directorate noted that the army has received 80 complaints of physical violence and verbal abuse, in which haredi soldiers have reported that tires of their vehicles have been slashed, graffiti has been sprayed at their homes, they have been spat on and had stones thrown at them.

If these attacks are by ‘orthodox Jews’, the attackers have denied their heritage; this is not the behavior of true orthodox Jews. Instead, this behavior is cowardly, nasty, and unjustifiable. It’s not enough for those Haredi rabbis who are part of the army programme to denounce this type of stuff. And if the sages in Mea Shearim and other places do not condemn the behavior, they must share in the guilt.

This is not Judaism. This is the behavior of the cult and the mob. The rabbinic leadership that fails to tackle this head on should be hanging their collective heads in shame.

[You can see the report here.]