The magnificent seven

[Crossposted from the Ra’anana Boardgames Group blog, here.]

Guess how many were at this week’s session? (Sorry. No prize for the right answer.)

Before everyone arrived, Peleg, Yehuda, and I played Geschenkt (aka No Thanks!). Fun, fast, light, and a win for me. Hooray!

Then the seven were a four and a three. (I’m a dab hand at arithmetic.)

The fab four – Laurie, Peleg, Rosalynn, and Yehuda – tackled Puerto Rico. All except Peleg had played it before, but I rather fancied him to enjoy it. One key skill in the game is deciding what role to take when it’s your turn, and that is an opportunity to damage to your opponents. However, it didn’t connect with Peleg and he struggled a bit. A shame. Laurie seemed to be doing well, and Rosalynn was certainly enjoying herself as she had worked out how to get a nice production line going. Inevitably though, master gamer Yehuda won. Well done, Yehuda.

Meanwhile, the terrific trio – Judy, Shuli, and I – played Ticket to Ride: Europe. It was a first time experience for Judy and her route planning was less than successful. But, she did revel in blocking me in the later stages of the game, so I suspect any replay would be a different situation completely. Shuli completed her routes, but wasn’t ambitious enough, so her scoring was hampered. Regrettably, this was a situation where my extensive experience of playing the game was enough to give me a win.

After some retirals, the last game was Ticket to Ride: Nordic. This was a chance for revenge which Peleg grabbed with both hands, racking up a fine win. Well done, Peleg.

Thanks to me for hosting!