Situation: comedy

Lights. Camera. Action!

From the United Nations, the comedy source that keeps on giving, via the Jerusalem Post:

UNITED NATIONS – Syria and Iran are planning to run for a spot on the UN Human Rights Council later this year, UN diplomats told Reuters on Wednesday, despite criticism from watchdog groups about widespread rights abuses in both countries.

The good news is these clowns may not be allowed to join the circus:

From the so-called Asia group, which includes the Middle East and Asia, seven countries – China, Iran, Jordan, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Vietnam – are vying for four seats, UN diplomats said on condition of anonymity.

One diplomat predicted that Syria and Iran would fail in their bids to join the UN rights watchdog when the 193-nation General Assembly votes in the fall, while another said the upcoming election would be a “comedy.”

Tragic comedy.

From the department of He Shouldn’t have To Say This:

Hillel Neuer, the head of UN Watch, a Geneva-based advocacy group that monitors the work of the United Nations, said “countries that murder and torture their own people must not be allowed to become the world’s judges on human rights.

Perhaps the solution to this is to have an application form for the UNHRC. Let’s see what kind of questions would be on the form:

  • Are you a dictatorship?
  • Are you now, or have you ever been, a serial killer of your own population?
  • How many enemies of the state disappear without trace in a year?

And so on.

You can read the whole article, here.