Guns of Gettysburg


One hundred and fifty years ago – from 1-3 July 1863 – the battle of Gettysburg took place. It’s a battle I have always had an avid interest in; it was the turning point – dare I say it, the last chance of victory for the South – of a crucial war that helped shape the USA, and ultimately the modern world. It was, therefore, somewhat appropriate to welcome to my collection the newly arrivedĀ Bowen Simmons‘ game: The Guns of Gettysburg.


I have only opened the box and had a quick check through of the components. It looks very interesting. It may even jump ahead in the ‘to be played’ queue.


Oh, and I have started applying the stickers to the Kriegspiel style blocks.


Finally, a thank you to Histogame (Richard Shako) for the great service in facilitating non USA gamers getting a hold of this.(It was a Kickstarter project, but not open to those living outside the USA.)